5 top startups developing augmented reality for cargo logistics [VIDEO]

The augmented reality (AR) business – those headsets embedded in a pair of glasses that give users a heads-up display of information about what they see in the real world – has had an admittedly shaky start. The debacle of the consumer-oriented “Google Glass” technology in 2013, which immediately led to concerns about privacy, probably […]

Second ‘cohort’ of startups offer demos at RocketSpace, Kaleido accelerator

The 10 startup companies taking part in the second Logistics Tech Accelerator Program, hosted by Kaleido Logistics and the RocketSpace co-working firm, took part in the project’s Demonstration Day yesterday, showcasing the work they have done building their logistics-related business over the last several months. Also known as “Cohort II,” the companies include Equivvy, IAM […]

RocketSpace names 10 startups for second Logistics Tech Accelerator

After launching its first technology accelerator project last year, RocketSpace and Kaleido Logistics are returning for a second Logistics Tech Accelerator, set to begin next month in Vigo, Spain. RocketSpace kicked off the next “cohort” of logistics entrepreneurs this week by announcing 10 promising startups that will take part in the accelerator, representing six countries. […]

Lufthansa Cargo, RocketSpace embrace tech startup advancement

In a bid to give the air cargo industry a much needed shove into the 21st century, Lufthansa Cargo has teamed up with San Francisco-based business incubator firm RocketSpace to take part in the “Logistics Tech Accelerator” program. Launched in 2011 by RocketSpace, the program helps foster innovative technology startups in the airfreight logistics sector. […]