UAVs to become an integral part of SF Express’ nationwide delivery network by 2022

Drones are finally becoming an accepted part of last-mile deliveries in the U.S., thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration stepping up and establishing guidelines and requirements. Earlier this year, UPS, in partnership with Matternet and WakeMed with oversight by the FAA and North Carolina Department of Transportation, began utilizing drone transport as an option for […]

UPS Flight Forward secures FAA approval for drone airline [VIDEO]

The UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward (UPS FF) received the first full approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a drone airline, UPS announced Tuesday. The Part 135 certification was received on Friday, at which time UPS FF launched the first drone flight ever under the certification. The first-ever flight under the FAA certification […]

UPS Flight Forward seeks FAA drone ops exemption

Under its partnership with California-based drone technology firm Matternet, UPS’ technology subsidiary UPS Flight Forward (UPS FF) is seeking exemptions from the Federal Aviation Administration in support of its Air Operating Certificate, according to a filing with the FAA. UPS FF is also seeking exemption from the: Special Authority for Certain Unmanned Systems (49 USC) […]

UPS teams with Matternet to deliver medical samples via drone

In what UPS is calling the first revenue drone service in the United States, the integrator said today that it has collaborated with California-based drone technology firm Matternet to send the first of many daily scheduled daily flights of medical samples via unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for a North Carolina hospital client. With clearance by […]

Mercedes Benz, drone-maker Matternet tackle last-mile delivery demo

The live demonstration this week of an e-commerce delivery by a drone reinforced the potential of drones to streamline last-mile deliveries – the final frontier of e-commerce logistics. At the livestreaming of the delivery, the consortium behind the project, announced a three-week trial of a same-day drone delivery service. Using QR codes, the test drone […]

Autonomous Tech: How the supply chain is going hands-free

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van On a gray, blustery, early-April day this year, a convoy of about a dozen 18-wheel, long-haul trucks pulled into a port facility in Rotterdam and parked in neat rows. It’s a seemingly unremarkable event that happens thousands of times a day at the bustling Dutch seaport, yet these particular trucks were greeted […]

Mercedes-Benz, Matternet enter last-mile ‘van + drone’ delivery race [VIDEO]

The competition for low-cost last-mile solutions just heated up with the announcement by Daimler AG today that it is partnering with U.S.-based drone startup Matternet to develop drones for its delivery vans. The German auto giant will invest US$562.75 million over the next five years designing electric, networked van-drone-hybrid combos. The announcement comes less than […]

Matternet, DHL to test drones with real payloads

California-based drone manufacturer, Matternet, plus DHL’s “parcelcopter” prototype unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), both plans to begin testing their airworthiness with actual payloads in the next two months. Last year, at the CNS conference, Andreas Raptopoulos, CEO of Matternet, made a joint announcement with Oliver Evans, former chief cargo officer of Swiss International Airlines, that his […]

Drones: Rise of the machines

 As it flew through the air, the buzzing drone looked more like a gigantic insect, hang­ing in the summer breeze, than the future of airfreight. It made a beeline for its appointed destination, and then suddenly halted, hovering over a designated spot. A tether slowly extended, lowering the craft’s vital cargo – 24 medical pack­ages […]

FAA to take another look at drone rules

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will partner with three major industries to explore ways to test unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) so they can be used out-of-line-of-sight of the operator. The FAA originally proposed that the operator must be able to retain visual contact of a UAS.  Drone advocates such as Amazon and DHL say it’s […]

Flying cargo, sans pilot

When designing cargo drones and planes, we would do well to look to the pigeon. The pigeon is nature’s perfect autonomous flying vehicle, says Adrian de Graaff, owner of AD Quenta aviation consulting company in the Netherlands. “The pigeon is an amazing animal,” he says. “It knows how to find its way. It knows how […]
  • September 16, 2014