Increased wait times at U.S.-Mexico border may compel modal shift to air

Last week, the United States President Donald Trump suggested the potential complete closing of the U.S.-Mexico border. This rhetoric exacerbates uncertainty among shipping companies involved in cross-border freight movements, after the issue had previously been considered largely resolved with the creation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) to replace NAFTA. To address the new uncertainty, logistics companies, such as U.S.-based C.H. Robinson, are advising consideration of alternate modes of […]

Blown Away: Reconnecting broken supply chains

On a Tuesday in Mexico City, employees at DSV Air & Sea, S.A. de C.V. were in the middle of a normal workday in the head office when a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck, killing more than 350 people. “People were scared, running in the street,” said Torge Koehnke, vice president for Latin America with DSV Air […]

CNS: Exports drive demand for Bonded trucking alongside airfreight [VIDEO]

ORLANDO — Mexico’s growing export sector is driving demand for specialized feeder services and bonded cross-border trucking. Mexpress Transportation bypasses border clearance, and clears freight as an airport. “We’re like an airplane with wheels,” explained Michael Gamel of Mexpress. Gamel doesn’t see his company’s model replacing air cargo in the markets where Mexpress operates. He […]

Mexpress feeder service hungry for expansion

With cross-border e-commerce, it’s easy to think at 35,000 feet above sea-level – about the planes that carry the cargo and the airlines that operate them. But when it comes to e-commerce’s thirst for expedited delivery, new opportunities for logistics optimization are carved out at other links along the air cargo supply chain as well. […]