But… how does it fly? [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard about Howard Hughes’ “Spruce Goose” from the 1940s. We still see Antonov’s massive An-225 flying the skies today. But no one has quite seen the likes of the Stratolaunch, the next contender for “World’s Largest Aircraft,” which was revealed for the first time earlier this month. Created in 2011 for Stratolaunch Systems […]

Airlink launches ‘Help Is on the Way’

To date this year, Airlink, a rapid-response humanitarian relief organization that links airlines with prequalified nonprofit organizations, has delivered just over US$1 million of donated lift, in support of 200 aid workers and 185,000 pounds of aid. The organization has supported eight major disasters so far this year, including flooding in Malawi, the Syrian refugee […]