FloatPac flies 38,500 fingerling salmon from Scotland to Dubai

Australian aquatic transportation company FloatPac successfully completed the relocation of 38,500 fingerling salmon, encased in 42 of its FishPac transportation bins, from Scotland to Dubai, where they will be “available in the UAE market” once the fish reach maturity in late 2018. The project took place over a five-month period – each trip commencing from […]

Emirates SkyCargo adds Chile to its Latin American network

Yesterday, Emirates SkyCargo added Santiago to its airfreight network, making it the carrier’s sixth South American destination, following Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Viracopos, Buenos Aires and Ciudad del Este. The 777-200LR service will launch July 5, offering 15 tonnes of capacity between Chile, China, Russia and the Middle East, via the carrier’s hub in […]

Alaska Air Cargo reels in salmon season

The salmon fiends of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States celebrated this morning, as Alaska Air Cargo’s so-called “Salmon-30-Salmon” aircraft arrived in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) with 10,000 pounds of fresh-harvested Alaskan salmon, to be distributed through the carrier’s U.S. network. The carrier marks the beginning of the salmon season by welcoming the Boeing […]

Alaska Airlines delivers Copper River salmon to the Lower 48

For many places around the world, the delivery of fresh salmon is a commonplace occurrence. But in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, there is a hotly anticipated annual return for seafood fans throughout the region. San Juan Capistrano may have its swallows, but Seattle – the home of Air Cargo World – has […]

Copper River salmon descend on Seattle via Alaska Airlines

It’s become an annual rite of passage for the U.S. Northwest – the arrival of fresh salmon in Seattle. Only this salmon didn’t swim upstream, it flew in. This morning more than 9 tonnes of Copper River salmon landed in Seattle on an Alaska Airlines flight with much fanfare, launching the start of what is […]

Freight to Plate: Demand ripens in fresh-food cargo market

On an unseasonably hot 90°F day in Seattle, pallets sat prepared inside the comfortable, chilly air of Alaska Air Cargo’s recently expanded cool-chain facility at SeaTac Airport. A 737-400 freighter had arrived earlier from Anchorage to unload its bounty: freshly caught Pacific salmon straight from Alaska’s waters. Crews had quickly sent the fresh fish on […]

Freight to Plate: A taste for the exotic

Alaska Air Cargo is one example of how much the world has come to rely on airfreight delivery of high-quality meat, fruit and vegetables vir­tually anywhere with a runway across the globe. Foods that used to be con­sidered “exotic” or limited to narrow growing seasons – such as blueberries, strawberries or asparagus – are now […]

Alaska Air Cargo begins salmon flights

Alaska Air Cargo delivered 24,100 pounds of the season’s first shipment of Alaska Copper River salmon to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday. The arrival of the fish-filled Boeing 737 marks the start of the summer salmon season and is an annual rite of passage anticipated by seafood lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Five more Alaska Airlines […]