Tigers Australia adds cargo screening tech ahead of heightened security standards

The Australian arm of Hong Kong-based supply chain company Tigers is adding new X-ray equipment and other cargo screening technology at its Perth facility ahead of new cargo export screening legislation set to go into effect on March 1. Under the new legislation, outbound international air cargo must be examined at piece-level by a Regulated […]
  • Caryn Livingston
  • January 17, 2019

Cargo crime wave driving logistics companies into TAPA’s arms

The growing threat of cargo crime across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region has led to a record take-up of the Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA) supply chain security standards. TAPA says demand for its Facility Security Requirements (FSR) certifications rose 16.6 percent, while the number of companies with its Trucking Security Requirements […]
  • Lewis King
  • March 15, 2018

Ensuring that security systems match up for mail, high-risk cargo [VIDEO]

Security validators navigate a complex interplay of language and cultural factors when conducting validations around the world. Last week, Air Cargo World shadowed Corposec executive director Elad Gadot during ACC3 and RA3 validations at the Mexico City International Airport. While the validation approvals take time, both airfreight carrier CAL Cargo and warehousing agent Borderless Air […]
  • Lewis King
  • February 20, 2018

FAA lifts Turkey’s flight restrictions, logistics makes quick recovery

The FAA announced on Monday that all restrictions on flights to and from Turkey in the wake of Friday’s coup attempt, have been lifted. The decision is welcome news to Turkish national carrier Turkish Airways, which would have been forced to cancel flights to the ten airports that it serves in the United States. The […]
  • Lewis King
  • July 18, 2016

U.S. bans direct flights from Turkey following failed coup

Following last week’s failed coup in Turkey, the Federal Aviation Administration FAA has imposed a ban on all direct flights, regardless of carrier, from Turkish airports, including Istanbul and Ankara, the country’s two largest cities. Both cities were epicenters of conflict as the uprising broke out on Friday and carried on into the weekend. The […]
  • Lewis King
  • July 18, 2016

Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport resumes operations day after terrorist attack

Yesterday’s attack on Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport by suspected Islamic State militants failed to render the facility inoperable for long, with full passenger and cargo operations set to resume today. While a similar attack at Brussels Airport closed portions of that air hub for most of the month of May, Istanbul resumed service the following […]
  • Lewis King
  • June 29, 2016

German air cargo restrictions another setback for Bangladesh [updated]

Germany is now the third country, after Australia and the U.K., to restrict direct cargo flights from Bangladesh due to security concerns. The decision was made by the LBA, Germany’s civil aviation authority, and was taken “because of information provided by our law enforcement authority and intelligence services.” Shipments from Bangladesh to Germany, the LBA […]
  • Lewis King
  • June 28, 2016

Bangladesh eager to resume air cargo flights to U.K.

Australia’s recent lifting of a ban on air cargo from the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh, prompted Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon to express optimism that the U.K. would follow suit. The ban was imposed after experts from the U.K. and U.S. inspected the Dhaka airport in late 2015 and […]
  • Lewis King
  • May 25, 2016

The Iranian Conundrum: How sanctions removal affects global logistics

The Parisian Azadi Hotel was recently the voted the most popular hotel in Iran. The award, which the hotel touts, was based on an “extensive poll” by the Islamic Parliament of Iran, which the hotel calls “one of the most authoritative institutions in Iran.” The hotel boasts views of the mountains ringing Tehran. It is […]
  • Randy Woods
  • April 6, 2016

Terrorist attacks close Brussels Airport

Following terrorist attacks that killed at least 30 people and injured more than 200 hundred at Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek Metro station, all flights and other operations,  including cargo, have been cancelled, at least for the day, according to a statement from the airport. “On behalf of the entire airport community, I would like […]
  • Staff Reports
  • March 22, 2016

Smiths Detection scanner approved by TSA

Smiths Detection Inc.’s (SDI) dual-view HI-SCAN 6040-2is X-ray unit is the latest security scanning machine to be accepted within the “qualified” section of TSA’s Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL). The X-ray machine uses multiple views and sophisticated algorithms to detect potential security threats within cargo loads and can penetrate 35-millimeter-thick steel. It offers ACTSL […]
  • Staff Reports
  • October 27, 2015

Finding common ground on security practices

Our cargo hubs, where routes connect and transfers are made, are at the heart of our supply chain. As we tackle the many challenges facing our industry – from the threat of modal shift to the changing security landscape, to the need to remain competitive and to grow – the way we process cargo at […]
  • Doug Brittin
  • October 14, 2015

Data screening harmonization still out of tune

The airfreight industry was probably not on Duke Ellington’s mind when he wrote his famous “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing).” But that tune would have been the per­fect backdrop for a recent day-long debate on cargo and data screening harmonization that took place in Washington, D.C. (which happens to […]
  • Brandon Fried
  • August 10, 2015

Time to call the exterminator

I noticed the small hole in the wall while descending the steps to my basement in the spring of last year. I really didn’t think much of it until the intruder’s tiny head peaked out for a quick glimpse. The exterminator I called confirmed my worst fear, that the unwanted visitor was one of thousands […]
  • Randy Woods
  • July 2, 2015
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