Air New Zealand tracking technology delivers worldwide visibility [VIDEO]

New Zealand’s national carrier is installing more than 5,500 Bluetooth tags on its cargo containers, pallets and unit load devices (ULDs), as well as more than 100 readers at 29 airports for which it provides cargo services around the world. The technology is provided by Core Transport Technologies, which installs its low-energy Bluetooth devices into […]
  • Lewis King
  • November 8, 2017

New Bluetooth transmitter provides package-level visibility

Logistics and asset monitoring company RoamBee says that visibility, down to the package-level, and end-to-end asset management are now possible with “BeeBeacon,” its mobile monitoring technology that was launched today. RoamBee’s CEO Sanjay Sharma told Air Cargo World that the device was already in use by a major Mexican beer manufacturer that shipped up to […]
  • Lewis King
  • October 24, 2017

Next-generation supply-chain visibility goes live at C.H. Robinson

Recent weather disruptions across the southern United States and the Caribbean region have underscored the importance of informed supply-chain visibility. Today’s launch of Navisphere Vision, by logistic firm C.H. Robinson, is the latest generation of data-informed management tools, providing comprehensive supply chain insights and warnings for disruptions from weather, traffic or current events, as well […]
  • Lewis King
  • September 12, 2017

ELEVATE panelist Dan Acosta on turning big data into intelligence [VIDEO]

Keeping pace with the digital transformation of logistics can be a challenge. Your clients want flexibility at lower costs and with more visibility, but innovation is risky and deploying new technology requires foresight. The second annual ELEVATE conference in Miami empowers you to make those decisions by consolidating the most innovative companies in the market, such […]
  • Lewis King
  • August 23, 2017

Delta’s global cargo management control center goes live today

Delta Cargo officially opened its Cargo Control Center (CCC) today in Atlanta, but the scope of the operation covers the entire globe. From this one location, the facility will provide coverage of “all aspects of cargo transportation and management,” allowing Delta to track shipments via air, truck, mail and freight, both domestically and internationally. By […]
  • Lewis King
  • August 1, 2017