5 ways blockchain can be used to enhance the supply chain

Born from the obscure “bitcoin” universe as a foolproof method to keep track of transactions, and now gaining popularity in the banking and finance world, blockchain is emerging in the logistics arena. This once-little-known technology may be a potential solution to the problem of providing transparency in the supply chain while still keeping shippers’ and […]

CHAMP integrates hands-free Amazon technology into airfreight

Trying to track down your latest shipments? Try giving them a shout. As demand rises for voice-recognition technology in the logistics business, CHAMP Cargosystems has launched its “Traxon Air Cargo Shipment Tracking” on Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, called Alexa. Through Alexa, customers can now interact with CHAMP’s Traxon track-and-trace application to obtain air waybill statuses […]

Will the air cargo industry hire Alexa?

With the release of a new “Cargo Trace skill” that can be taught to Amazon’s interactive app, Alexa, Luxembourg-based CHAMP Cargosystems is adding voice-controlled track-and-trace capabilities to its Traxon air cargo shipment tracking platform. Stakeholders in the air cargo supply chain will be able to track the status of air cargo shipments moving on dozens […]

The Race for Track & Trace: Are 3PLs ready for serialization?

Few activities require a greater degree of blind faith than swallowing a pill. The tiny capsules can be lifesavers, but there are few outward signs that indicate whether they are legitimate. Imagine being prescribed Heparin, a proven blood thinner, only to find out after the onset of a blood clot that the drug was an […]

Cargo Chat: Has RFID’s time finally arrived at cargo facilities?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is hardly a cutting-edge technology. The system of scanning and identifying objects through the use of radio waves has roots that reach back to World War II. Since then, it’s been used in countless tracking systems to monitor the movement of trucks and goods. In the air cargo world, adoption of […]

Track & Trace: Conflicting requirements for serialization

Part of what makes serialization complicated is the lack of harmonized requirements. At the macro level, serialization guidelines are not standardized from country to country. In fact, serialization requirements can vary dramatically from company to company, raising a host of questions that must be considered well in advance of item-level serialization implementation. Lucy Deus, head […]

SkyTeam Cargo upgrades tracking tool

The SkyTeam Cargo alliance, which consists of 12 different carriers, has launched an upgraded version of its online track and trace tool whereby customers can track their shipments across the combined network by entering the airway bill number on the website’s home page. The centralized IT system shared by all of the participating carriers displays […]
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