CNS 2019: The future of air cargo lives in a college dorm

MIAMI – Digital disruption. Technological innovations. Automation optimization. These are hot topics in the world of air cargo – but at the end of the day, leaders in the industry will remind you that all these advancements are meaningless without one vital factor: the human element. While data and technology may drive the industry to […]

BIFA welcomes funding for increased U.K. customs training

British forwarders have been on edge for months as the coming Brexit deal creates more uncertainty in the European cargo business every day. But regardless of how the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union works out, one area of the business that many agree needs strengthening is customs brokerage, which is the […]

Truck driver shortage souring the American sweet tooth

One of my vices is a fondness for Hershey’s chocolate. This preference is not to say that I avoid products made by other chocolatiers, but when faced with the choice of several brands, Hershey’s milk chocolate is usually the preferred indulgence to my palate. The preference has always been favorable to my wallet, as well, […]

FedEx rolls out ‘Purple Runway’ training program in face of pilot shortage

Yesterday, a new development was made in the ongoing pilot shortage saga, as FedEx announced a new training program, named Purple Runway, which will recruit pilots in training from universities and aviation colleges. The move was made to ensure the carrier’s continued leading status in a market in which qualified pilots are increasingly scarce. You […]

IAG Cargo trains 18 on GDP cool-chain practices

The latest batch of trainees from the GDP Training Academy, sponsored by IAG Cargo and Exelsius, have emerged following a two-day International Training Course held earlier this month in London. The program was the fifth training session held so far, involving students from Singapore, India and the U.K. Those attending the intensive session included representatives […]

Australia to launch export training program

In an effort to spread knowledge about international trade to its business community, the Australian government will provide US$ 1.75 million over the next two years to assist in training small and medium-sized (SME) business owners and employees. The goal, the government said, is to better prepare SMEs for business opportunities now available under new […]