ELEVATE panelists discuss rising importance of innovation in logistics

Photo: Gort Productions MIAMI – Air Cargo World kicked off the inaugural session of its very first ELEVATE Airfreight Conference this week with a panel discussion titled “The Rise of Air Cargo Innovation.” Panelists agreed the industry is nearing an inflection point, and the flatness of the air cargo industry is finally starting to gain dimensionality. […]

Never fear, UPS test drones are here! [VIDEO]

A child is in danger. He’s having an asthmatic attack, but his inhaler has been left behind. And he’s at camp on an island inaccessible by road. What is the camp counselor to do? This looks like a job for…. aerial drones! It may sound like a bad TV plot, but it’s a serious, potentially […]

New FAA drone regulations may permit increased commercial applications

An expanded set of rules for drone operators released today by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) raised hopes that the government is moving forwards in its efforts to regulate this uncharted area of aviation in the United States. The 624-page set of rules, known as “Part 107,” is the most comprehensive body of regulation […]

DHL ‘Parcelcopter 3.0’ gets James Bond treatment in Bavaria [VIDEO]

If it’s Friday, it must be time for another drone video on ACW… OK, we admit that we have a weakness for these little unmanned gadgets, but this particular system, created by Germany-based Deutsche Post DHL, is a far cry from the spindly, insect-like “Parcelcopter” we featured back in September 2014. This is “Parcelcopter 3.0,” […]

Flirtey conducts first autonomous drone test in U.S.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) took another tiny step closer to acceptance in the U.S. after Flirtey, an independent drone manufacturer, successfully completed what it is calling the “first fully autonomous, FAA-approved urban drone delivery in the United States.” The test took place with special clearance by the FAA in an uninhabited area near the town […]

WCS 2016: Saving lives with the help of Matternet cargo drones

BERLIN – On the final day of the World Cargo Symposium, the future of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the industry was a hot topic, especially following a morning presentation by Matternet, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of drones that are currently being uded to deliver life-saving drugs to remote field clinics in Malawi. In the […]

Drones: Rise of the machines

 As it flew through the air, the buzzing drone looked more like a gigantic insect, hang­ing in the summer breeze, than the future of airfreight. It made a beeline for its appointed destination, and then suddenly halted, hovering over a designated spot. A tether slowly extended, lowering the craft’s vital cargo – 24 medical pack­ages […]
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