Airbus Skyways drone completes first shore-to-ship delivery [VIDEO]

Today, an Airbus Skyways drone loaded with 1.5 kg of cargo departed from the Marina South Pier in Singapore, and traveled a distance of 1.5 km where it landed on the ship deck of the M/V Pacific Centurion.  After transferring its payload to the shipmaster, the Skyways drone returned to shore, completing the 3 km […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • March 15, 2019

Never fear, UPS test drones are here! [VIDEO]

A child is in danger. He’s having an asthmatic attack, but his inhaler has been left behind. And he’s at camp on an island inaccessible by road. What is the camp counselor to do? This looks like a job for…. aerial drones! It may sound like a bad TV plot, but it’s a serious, potentially […]
  • Randy Woods
  • September 23, 2016

Astral Aviation plans entry into drone business

Currently known best for the company’s scheduled and charter cargo operations, Kenya-based Astral Aviation is preparing for entry into the drone delivery business as early as next year, according to local sources.  Sanjeev Gadhia, Astral’s CEO, confirmed that his company has set aside US$500,000 to launch humanitarian-related drone services – that is, if Kenya’s Civil […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • April 28, 2016

Could this be Amazon’s drone of the future?

Amazon is excited, even if the U.S. government is, so far, unmoved. Last weekend, just in time for Cyber Monday, the e-retailer released this video below of a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone, which could be part of its future delivery system to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. In […]
  • Staff Reports
  • December 4, 2015

E-commerce drone coming to a doorstep near you?

Commercial package delivery by drone is still many years — and regulatory amendments — away from being a practical reality, but that hasn’t stopped today’s engineers from dreaming up new and ingenious ways to fly these versatile machines. As a preview to the launch of Air Cargo World‘s September issue next week, featuring an article […]
  • Randy Woods
  • August 28, 2015