Walmart Flipkart deal: Not the blockbuster it may seem?

Yesterday’s blockbuster US$16 billion deal, in which Walmart said it plans to buy a 77 percent stake in India’s online retail powerhouse Flipkart, caused some wild speculation about whether the acquisition could open up a new battleground in the Indian e-commerce wars currently being fought mostly by Alibaba and Amazon to expand their market share across […]

Walmart, Japanese e-commerce firm Ratuken make joint bid for online grocery market

A strategic alliance between Walmart and Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce platform that is often referred to as, “the of Japan,” portends an epic battle of colossal e-commerce monsters across downtown Tokyo, as the Walmart- Rakuten alliance challenges, in a real-life faceoff of the behemoths. While the deal certainly sets the scene for an […]

Alibaba pumps billions more dollars into China’s brick-and-mortar market [VIDEO]

Is Alibaba taking a page out of’s playbook? Alibaba Group announced this morning that it will acquire a 36.2 percent stake in Chinese supermarket operator Sun Art Retail Group for US$2.88 billion, an investment that “further underscores its commitment to ‘new retail,’” according to a company statement. The investment gives Alibaba a strategic foothold […]

New Kids on the Blockchain: Effect on perishables market

Trust innovation or perish One of the more obvious types of cargo to be helped by blockchain will be temperature-sensitive cargo, such as food, flowers and pharmaceuticals, which must be kept at an optimal cool-chain degree range while traveling through some of the hottest and coldest places on earth. Tracy Kuhrt, a community architect at […]

5 ways blockchain can be used to enhance the supply chain

Born from the obscure “bitcoin” universe as a foolproof method to keep track of transactions, and now gaining popularity in the banking and finance world, blockchain is emerging in the logistics arena. This once-little-known technology may be a potential solution to the problem of providing transparency in the supply chain while still keeping shippers’ and […]

Walmart seeks last-mile ventures with new startup incubator

In the latest salvo of the e-commerce wars, retail giant Walmart has announced its interest in muscling in on the last-mile delivery sector with the launch of “Store No. 8,” a new startup incubator program in Silicon Valley, according to a report from sister publication, Mobility Buzz. The incubator is an internal venture meant to […]

Amazon Prime hits 50 million membership mark as competitors falter

The latest membership estimates for’s Amazon Prime service show that the e-retailer’s bid to consolidate consumer spending onto one platform has now attracted almost one in six Americans, according to independent research by Cowen & Co. In addition to signing up some 50 million Amazon Prime customers, the company expanded into car sales this […]

Amazon leads retail sector in seasonal hiring

The most valuable brand in retail -- and logistics, for that matter –, is on a 120,000-position seasonal hiring binge to meet an anticipated surge in holiday shopping just around the corner. The e-retailer is taking no chances this time around, with its new Prime Air service, an army of part-time grunts, and 18 […]