Bolloré to begin global rollout of CargoWise One platform

In a strategic agreement with logistics firm WiseTech Global, French forwarder Bolloré Logistics, said this week it will begin the rollout of the CargoWise One integrated logistics solutions platform on a global scale, starting in May. Currently used in more than 130 countries, CargoWise One is a transportation management system (TMS) that enables customers to […]

WiseTech Global partners with Bysoft in Brazil

Bysoft Soluções em Comercio Exterior has joined the WiseBusiness partner program as a distributor for CargoWise One in Brazil. The CargoWise One software platform was developed by logistics software company WiseTech Global. Local freight forwarders, customs brokers, transporters, warehouse service providers, shipping lines and agencies now have local access to CargoWise One’s capabilities. Since 1991, […]