TIACA creates new shippers’ advisory committee

Lars J.T. Droog, the head of EMEA Supply Chain with Tosoh Corp. will chair a new shipper’s advisory committee, created by TIACA. The group is tasked with reviewing all elements in the supply chain in order to make improvements in servicing shippers.

“Lars has spent eight years as head of EMEA Supply Chain for Tosoh, and brings with him a wealth of experience in shipping, supply chain, and air freight in particular,” said Sebastiaan Scholte, TIACA’s vice chairman.

Droog has almost two decades of experience in the aviation sector, including senior management roles with Polar Air Cargo, Schreiner Aviation Group and Asiana Airlines. He is also vice chairman of EVO’s Airfreight and Express Council, a committee of the Dutch Shippers’ Council.

“The voice of the shipper is all-too-often missing from the global conversation on freight, and I am excited to be establishing a platform for communication within TIACA, which represents all sectors of the air cargo chain,” Droog said.

Droog will be leading a panel debate on shipper issues at TIACA’s Executive Summit, titled “Air Cargo Challenges from the Shipper’s Point of View,” May 24-26 at the Margaritaville Resort, Hollywood Beach, near Miami.

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