Tigers doubles its Miami storage capacity

Hong Kong-based logistics company Tigers grows North American presence by nearly doubling its storage capacity in Miami to about 31,000 square feet in a move to a new facility.

The investment will allow Tigers to both “grow our focus on the Latin American region, as well as expand our capabilities to service the growing e-commerce market,” branch manager Elena Varona said.

The facility is bonded and serves as a Container Freight Station (CFS) and as an In-Bond Export Consolidation (IBEC) warehouse to service shippers that conduct trade through the prominent cross-border hub.

“The team will play a key role in further growing our eTigers product, providing end-to-end supply chain solutions for online customers around the world,” Varona said. The “eTigers” platform, one of the company’s more unique initiatives, is a platform for shippers to host their products. Currently, merchants of products like wine and spirits, as well items like barbeque grills, have their products available for purchase on the website.

“All of this is boosted by our unique forwarding and consolidation capabilities into Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as out of China.”

The company has invested in the e-commerce movement through various initiatives. In late 2018, Tigers launched Cloud-based SmartHub:Connect, a freight, e-commerce, and logistics portal offering end-to-end supply chain visibility. Later this year, Tigers plans to launch a new cross-border e-commerce service from Miami to Europe, of which details are forthcoming.

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