Top 4 forwarders that may be ripe for M&A activity in 2018

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics – Osnabrück, Germany

Just by virtue of its position as No. 9 on the Power 25 freight forwarder listings, Hellmann Worldwide has often been mentioned as an M&A possibility for a company looking to enter the German market or simply grow its forwarding market share.

However, it should be noted that Hellmann has recently completed a “realignment and reorganization,” which the company said adapted its “legal organization to its continuous expansion and changing market requirements.” Since Aug. 1, the forwarder has been divided into three divisions – Air & Sea, Road & Rail and Contract Logistics – which operate as legally independent subgroups.

“The new structure creates greater flexibility in the individual product areas facilitating more rapid reactions to market trends across countries,” Hellmann said. “At the same time, customers will now be offered uniform global solutions along the entire supply chain, which will further optimize service quality.”

Whether this decentralization means that one or more of the divisions might be acquired on their own is still unknown.

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