Unexpected eats: Panalpina’s top 5 fastest-growing perishables markets

Soft-shelled brown crabs like these, harvest off the Scottish coast, are now finding new markets in China.

Feeling hungry? Care for some Scottish soft-shelled crabs? Perhaps followed by fresh Serbian raspberries for dessert? According to third-party logistics giant Panalpina, these somewhat unusual pairings of cuisine and country of origin are becoming increasingly popular as the world’s appetite grows for fresh (not frozen), exotic international fare.

From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, the Swiss forwarder recently looked into its import/export records to describe its five fastest-growing markets for its expanding fresh perishables service – many of which are better known for their exports of minerals and ores than their haute cuisine selections. Other unconventional sources of fresh meals include citrus fruits from a recovering post-war Angola and asparagus, blueberries and stone fruits from Zimbabwe’s fertile provinces of Mashonaland and Masvingo.

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