UPS to expand Ontario Airport sorting facility

UPSTo keep up with growing demand for both e-commerce and traditional retail business, UPS said it plans to increase the size of its existing operations at California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT).

The expansion, expected to be ready by 2018, will include a new sorting facility able to process packages at twice the hourly rate of the current operation. The upgrade will increase the building size at ONT by 15 percent to almost 900,000 square feet. The facility sits on more than 30 acres, which includes staging for tractor trailers.

UPS will add six-sided decode tunnels to take the place of traditional scanning equipment to obtain information from address labels. The expansion also will have the capability of adhering “smart labels” to local packages, which will hasten the loading and delivery process.

UPS, which flies 38 daily flights to and from ONT,  will create about 500 new jobs over the next five years to complete the expansion.

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