Editor’s Note: Air Cargo Excellence in 2020

The first half of the year typically brings a much-anticipated annual feature, as Air Cargo World readers rate their most frequently utilized cargo carriers and airports and the top performers are ranked in the Air Cargo Excellence Awards. Like many elements of airfreight in 2020 and 2021, this year’s Air Cargo Excellence analysis looks a bit different than in previous years.

Caryn Livingston, Editor, Air Cargo World

Since launching in 2005, the ACE Awards have ranked airfreight operators using a range of metrics including customer service, performance, value and facilities. The awards are typically an opportunity to look back at the previous year and recognize industry members who have excelled in their cargo operations.

Presenting the most unbiased view possible of the industry requires the survey responses to meet a methodology determined by Air Cargo World and our partner organization in the awards, Cargo Facts Consulting. The methodology is important to make sure the ACE Awards are given based on a statistically valid sample. While airline evaluations did meet that standard, changes to the survey and massive upheaval in the industry mean that, unfortunately, the airport responses did not meet that bar. We have therefore opted not to distribute ACE Awards in 2021.

We at Air Cargo World know the industry still deserves to celebrate its successes, and many of the airlines received high ratings and accolades from their customers, thanks to their focus on reliable operations and good customer service during the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, this month’s feature story on the Air Cargo Customer Experience highlights the top-scoring carriers in the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and Americas regions, with important takeaways for how the industry can better serve the needs of freight forwarders and shippers.

Specialty cargo was also in the spotlight in 2020, due to high volumes of personal protective equipment and medical cargo, including the COVID-19 vaccine rollout that began late in 2020. With several carriers receiving high ratings for specialty cargo services, the second feature for May reveals “The ups, downs, trends and traffic in 2020” for specialty cargo, with insights from the ACE survey.

Despite the temporary pause in the awards this year, we plan to revise the scoring metrics and methodology so we can continue to present the Air Cargo Excellence Awards in the future. Stay tuned to AirCargoWorld.com for more information on future ACE survey methodologies. In the meantime, congratulations to all of the carriers that excelled in their operations in 2020!

Caryn Livingston
Editor, Air Cargo World

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