It’s no secret to those who know me that I have a great passion for fishing, especially doing so with my grandson who often out catches me.  I guess I’ve taught him well.   This is one of life’s pleasures, among many, that I will soon spend more time doing.  It seems like a fleeting moment ago that I was introduced to the air cargo industry.  For almost 24 years I have had the great pleasure of being the publisher of Air Cargo World and it has been one heck of a thrill ride. My only regret is that I didn’t have the sense to get onboard earlier in my career.

While embracing technology such as e-freight is a key initiative toward sustaining the future of air cargo as a viable mode, it is and it will always be a “people” business.  That’s an undeniable truth.  Nobody retires from this industry whose first thought isn’t about the people they have met throughout their career.  I cannot help but to first think how lucky I am to have been able to meet so many people and make so many friends around the world.  I have had the good fortune to travel and experience other cultures, to see things and visit places this country boy from south Alabama never dreamed of.  My wife, Brenda, feels the same.  She has shared in my Air Cargo World life and has accompanied me to all corners of the earth, from Hong Kong to Denmark, gaining friendships and unforgettable memories at every stop along the way.  We are both forever enriched by the pleasures this magazine and the air cargo industry brought us and for that, we are both thankful for every friendship we have made throughout the journey.

I will step away in November, but not before I have the pleasure of attending my eleventh and final Air Cargo Forum in Seoul.  This occasion will allow me to personally say goodbye and thanks to friends, readers and advertising customers.  I will do so with confidence in knowing I have accomplished the mission of this great, longstanding magazine, which is to provide an invaluable and compelling source of information to readers throughout the world.  It’s not at all a big accomplishment when you look at the whole air cargo scheme of things, but I take utmost comfort in knowing that I have contributed.

It’s been a pleasure but now it’s time to wet the hook!


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