3 key trends in innovation of cool chain shipping

#2: Streamlined data management

Beyond investing in smart products, stakeholders in air cargo and logistics know data is as valuable as oil. By leveraging information derived from data collection companies can streamline and reduce inefficiencies across operations, while also mitigating risk. However, some companies have run into the issue of struggling to collect, analyze and manage data in addition to carrying out these shipments.

Technologies emerging today, such as Controlant’s reusable, real-time internet of things (IoT) data loggers are some options air cargo and logistics stakeholders can consider implementing in their operations. Controlant’s wireless loggers transmit data collected from cool chain containers in shipment to a cloud-enabled software platform, which allows shippers to track and trace conditions of temperature-sensitive and perishable products to ensure quality of the product.

While old models of data collection require stakeholders to collect data and manage the use of a logger themselves, Controlant offers a closed-loop program in which it oversees all data collection and management. In terms of data analysis, Controlant’s intelligent cloud platform also provides customers real time insights into supply chains, such as which supply chains are most lucrative, how to cut down travel times, and where companies can reduce cost of shipping. This allows customers to focus on leveraging data to improve logistical programs.

Controlant is well-recognized in the pharmaceutical industry with approval for pharma shipments by over 60 airlines and is now beginning to enter the perishable foods market. Thus far, the company has partnered with companies, including DHL, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Chipotle, Allergan, World Courier and Teva for management of food shipments like meat and seafood.

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