AAPA reports traffic growth in February

In one of the first signs that suggest the Chinese New Year has had little effect on air cargo demand this year, the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) said 2017’s airfreight growth has carried well into the new year, reporting a 7.3 percent increase in air cargo volume in February among its Asia-Pacific member carriers.

The association cited “robust manufacturing activity” in Asia and the resulting lift in demand for capacity as the main reason for the continued upswing. AAPA said its carriers have done well to capitalize on demand for transportation of freight between neighboring countries, stating that its members have already registered an 8.2 percent increase in air cargo demand for both January and February, combined.

“The ongoing positive global economic momentum provides continued optimism for further expansion in the aviation markets in the coming months,” said Andrew Herdman, director general of AAPA.

While the company remains optimistic that growth will continue, Herdman warned there may be some trouble brewing in paradise, alluding to growing tension in international trade relations: “Nevertheless, the recent rise in protectionist rhetoric poses some risks to trade and business activity.”

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