ACI’s finalized list of world’s top 20 busiest cargo airports in 2017

Yesterday, the Airport Council International (ACI) released its finalized list of the world’s top 20 busiest cargo airports in 2017 (see ACI’s preliminary report, released in April). Total cargo volumes handled (loaded and unloaded freight and mail) increased by 7.8 percent from the previous year, to 50.6 million tonnes.

Even though the each of the airports appearing in 2016’s top 20 list resurfaced in 2017, there was some reshuffling of the order of rankings. Anchorage (ANC) moved up a rank from six to five, bumping Dubai (DXB) down one ranking from the previous year to six. Taipei moved from 11 to nine, bumping Paris (CDG) and Frankfurt (FRA) down a ranking each, to ten and 11 respectively. Singapore (SIN) and Los Angeles (LAX) each rose one ranking, to 12 and 13, bumping Miami (MIA) down from 12 to 14. London (LHR) rose from 19 to 17, bumping Amsterdam (AMS) down to 17 from 19.

Airports in the Asia-Pacific region continued to handle the highest volumes of cargo, while Africa’s airports saw the highest rate of growth from the previous year:

  • Asia-Pacific: 47 million metric tonnes, (increased 3 percent)
  • North America 33 million metric tonnes, (increased 1 percent)
  • Europe: 22 million metric tonnes, (increased 6 percent)
  • Middle East: 3 million metric tonnes, (increased 5.9 percent)
  • Latin America-Caribbean: 4 million metric tonnes, (increased 4.7 percent)
  • Africa: 2 million metric tonnes, (increased 9.2 percent)

Interested in a more in-depth analysis of the top-50 cargo airports in 2017? Stay tuned for the November issue of Air Cargo World.

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