Air Charter Service expands into sixth continent

ACS Sydney crewAir Charter Service is now located on all six major continents, since it opened a new office in Sydney, its first operation in Australia. The company launched late last year and reported that, so far, the response has been positive.

“Our Hong Kong office has built up a strong customer base in the region over the past few years and we felt now was the right time to have a local presence in order to strengthen the current relationships and to help build new ones,” said Justin Lancaster, ACS’s commercial director.

Heading up the Australia operation is Paul Crook, who first worked for ACS in 2009. He brought an experienced team from other ACS offices, as well as some new hires that were trained in the London and Hong Kong offices.

Additionally, ACS moved its Los Angeles operations to a new location following a record-breaking year for the office and the company. The new office is almost double the space they previously occupied.

“A lot of our clients are involved in the entertainment industry and we are only a few miles from Hollywood,” said Thomas Howe, ACS’s California director.

Pictured: ACS Sydney crew.

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