Air Charter Service opens expanded Americas headquarters in NY

Caryn Livingston

Air Charter Service’s expanded Americas headquarters in New York.

Charter broker Air Charter Service announced the opening of its expanded Americas headquarters in New York. The United Kingdom-based company said the expansion was necessary to facilitate growth at its nine offices across the region.

“Last year ACS Americas arranged just shy of 6,000 charter contracts across the nine offices and saw revenue of more than $250 million,” said ACS Americas president Richard Thompson in a statement on the new office. He added that ACS is expanding rapidly in the Americas, with three of its nine offices opening “in the past two years and we have more planned in the near future.”

The new office measures 20,000 square feet and will allow ACS to expand its sales, operations, human resources, accounts, legal and customer experience teams in the Americas. The move took about a year to complete.

In addition to its growth in the Americas, ACS last year moved to a new Beijing facility double the size of its previous facility in the city. While the trade war has impacted airfreight traffic between the U.S. and China, charter demand into the U.S. has continued fairly strong throughout the year.

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