Air France KLM posts cargo decline

Air France KLM’s year-end statistics show that cargo capacity was down 3.5 percent and traffic declined by 6.3 percent. That led to a 1.9 point reduction in the carrier’s load factor to 64.5 percent.

The group continued to adjust its full-freighter capacity during December. In total, the reduction in capacity and traffic stood at 4 percent and 5.7 percent respectively. The load factor declined by 1.2 points to 66.9 percent.

On the passenger side, the group said December was “perturbed” by severe weather conditions, notably in North America. As a result, traffic was stable for a 0.4 percent reduction in capacity. The load factor stood at 81.8 percent. The total number of passengers was 5.9 million, down two percent. Traffic in Asia, however, was up 5 percent. The group’s Africa and Middle East network saw a 0.5 percent rise in traffic.

Overall, passenger traffic was by 2.1 percent for just a 0.6 percent increase in capacity.

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