Air New Zealand tracking technology delivers worldwide visibility [VIDEO]

New Zealand’s national carrier is installing more than 5,500 Bluetooth tags on its cargo containers, pallets and unit load devices (ULDs), as well as more than 100 readers at 29 airports for which it provides cargo services around the world.

The technology is provided by Core Transport Technologies, which installs its low-energy Bluetooth devices into ACL Airshop ULDs, reporting location information across facilities and airports.

In the video below, Air New Zealand’s cargo department demonstrates the new technology:

When a tagged item passes the Bluetooth reader, it automatically transmits details to Air New Zealand, allowing for increased insight into cargo movement.

Air New Zealand general manager of cargo, Rick Nelson, explained that “these Bluetooth tags and readers will not only allow us to speed up cargo handling, but also improve our accuracy and inventory management, and help to locate any missing items.”

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