AirBridgeCargo hauls 1,146-pound walrus

AirBridgeCargo Airlines recently flew Sgata-Neseyka, a 1,146-pound walrus, from Russia to Frankfurt Airport after the animal sustained a dental complication. To ensure Sgata-Neseyka remained safe throughout the entire journey, the Russian freight carrier contained the walrus in a specially built cage adhering to International Air Transport Association live animal regulations.

AirBridgeCargo was also concerned with Sgata-Neseyka’s comfort throughout the flight, according to a press release. In addition to keeping the cabin between 5 degrees and 10 degrees Celsius, ABC invited two employees from Russia’s Udmurtskiy Zoo — Sgata-Neseyka’s home base — to accompany him on the aircraft. In the press release, ABC credited such measures with helping the flight to go off without a hitch.

After successfully touching down in Germany, the walrus was trucked to Tierpark Hagenbeck TPG Hamburg, where he is currently undergoing rehabilitation for an extracted ingrown tusk. Once Sgata-Neseyka is given a clean bill of health, ABC will fly him back to Russia.

Although a walrus is certainly a unique load, transporting animals is nothing new for ABC. In March, the Russian freight carrier flew 175 Aberdeen Angus cows across the North Pole on a Chicago-to-Krasnoyarsk, Russia, routing. This flight was noteworthy for more than just its cargo, however; it marked ABC’s first cross-polar flight.

The carrier transported another memorable load last December, flying 810 foxes from Helskini, Finland, to Beijing via a Boeing 747-200F charter flight. As with Sgata-Neseyka, the foxes were transported in specially build cages to provide maximum safety and comfort.

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