Airfreight posts modest gains at DB Schenker

Today’s preliminary half-year 2016 numbers from Deutche Bahn AG, parent company of DB Schenker, put the German transportation company just ahead of it’s position last year, up 0.2 percent, year-over-year, increasing adjusted revenue by US$36.27 million to reach $22.01 billion for the first six months of the year.

Air freight registered a 0.9 percent increase, from 547,000 tonnes in the first half of 2015 to 551,000 tonnes this year. Earnings before income and tax (EBIT) showed more robust gains, up by 13.1 percent, or $117 million, y-o-y, to reach $1.11 billion.

At DB Schenker, the news was mostly positive. Aside from land transport, which registered a slight drop of 0.3 percent in consignments, other modes fared well. In addition to airfreight’s gains, oceanfreight grew 2.4 percent, and contract logistics continued its strong performance, with revenues up 7.8 percent.

“A year after launching an extensive restructuring process at the DB Group, we are pleased to report that we have begun to see initial financial successes,” said Deutche Bahn CEO Rüdiger Grube.

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