Thailand’s EEC to link up with Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

In a move to strengthen ties air cargo between Thailand and China, the office of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) said it is scheduled to sign a “strategic cooperation” agreement later this month with the administrators of China’s Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ).

Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan, secretary-general of the EEC, told the Bangkok Post that the strategic partnership with the ZAEZ is expected to promote joint investment in the two economic zones and spur Thai economic growth by 2% ever year, beginning in 2020.

He noted also that Zhengzhou Xinzheng International (CGO) has completed three of its five planned runways and is using an “intelligent cargo system” for the Aerotropolis, as the ZAEZ is often called.

Earlier this month, during an international trade fair in Henan, Dr. Kanit said the EEC has been attracted many global investors for the past 30 years, “especially Japan and Europe,” but added that Chinese investors from Henan will be the most significant boosters “in the very near future.”  He added that “the special relationship” of the two economic zones would make Henan and EEC become “the prime gateways to Asia.”

The ZAEZ, developed around (CGO) in Henan Province, is located about 25 kilometers to the southeast of Zhengzhou, covering an area of 415 square kilometers. CGO is now considered one of the vital links in China’s Belt and Road initiative.

The EEC, Dr. Kanit said, is the leading special economic zone of Thailand, covering 1,300 square kilometers of three provinces to the east of Bangkok International (BKK). The total investment planned in the zone for the next five year is expected to be US$50 billion – roughly $20 billion of which will be on major infrastructure projects, and “Airport City” at U-Taphao International (UTP) and high-speed train linking three airports.

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