Answering the biggest questions in air cargo


Throughout 2014, Air Cargo World has posed questions to its website visitors on topics affecting the airfreight industry. Here is an aggregation of some of ACW’s most popular polls. The italicized answers are the ones that received the most votes.

A poll asking, “Will Delta’s cargo reorganization signal a trend in the industry?” garnered the most interest with ____ users voting.

If you want to vote in future polls, visit and scroll down. On the right side of the webpage, you will see the latest poll.


Will Delta’s cargo reorganization signal a trend in the industry?

  • Yes, and other belly-cargo carriers will follow suit, 31 percent
  • No, cargo needs its own clear identity, 40 percent
  • It will make little difference one way or the other, 28 percent


What are air cargo’s greatest challenges in 2014?

  • Rising fuel costs, 44 percent
  • Dealing with the industry’s overcapacity, 38 percent
  • Navigating new regulations, 14 percent
  • Political turmoil in some areas of the world, 3 percent


Which topic is most pertinent for air cargo in 2014?

  • Security, 40 percent
  • Modal shift, 18 percent
  • E-freight, 18 percent
  • Emerging markets, 24 percent


IATA has a new head of cargo, Glyn Hughes. What should his priority be?

  • A continued push for e-air waybill penetration, 49 percent
  • Cargo security, 32 percent
  • Workforce development across the industry, 20 percent


What do you think of some airlines introducing a chargeable weight system for fuel charges?

  • It’s a justified move, 37 percent
  • It’s unnecessary, 63 percent


Are you optimistic about air cargo heading into the second half of 2014?

  • Yes, 72 percent
  • No, 28 percent


How will global air cargo fare in 2014?

  • Cargo will grow significantly over 2013, 27 percent
  • Cargo will grow slightly over 2013, 53 percent
  • Cargo traffic will be flat, 19 percent
  • Cargo will decline compared to 2013, 2 percent
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