Azul Cargo taps into Chinese e-commerce with Blue Box China service to Brazil

Azul Cargo is continuing its recent foray into e-commerce, and yesterday announced the launch of its Blue Box China service. With this service the carrier will support the speedy shipment of goods bought on Chinese online stores to consumers’ homes in Brazil. 

When purchasing items on Chinese online stores, customers must request the product be delivered to Azul Cargo Express’ central warehouse in China in order to access the service. From there, Azul Cargo will deliver the order to the registered address of the customer in Brazil. The packaged products are subject to Brazilian I.R.S. import procedures as well as customs duties and shipping charges, which can be estimated through a shipping calculator on Azul Cargo’s site. 

“With Blue Box China, we are expanding our field and our customer network. The differential of the service is undoubtedly the delivery time, cargo safety and product integrity,” Azul Cargo Express director Izabel Reis said. 

Blue Box ensures that products are delivered from China to Brazilian customers in five business days, whereas normally this process can take up to 20 business days.  

The move expands the Azul Cargo’s Blue Box operation for goods, which it originally began in support of goods purchased from U.S. online stores last year. Azul Airlines anticipates the development will strengthen Azul Cargo’s business model and the company’s overall presence abroad. 

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