Balpa offers to halt strikes if BA negotiates on new proposal

Caryn Livingston

Two British Airways aircraft, with British Airways plane taking off in background.

The British Airways Pilot Association (Balpa) may call off proposed strikes set for next week, Sept. 9 and 10, if British Airways resumes negotiations on a new proposal submitted by the union to BA’s CEO, Alex Cruz.

It is not clear what the new proposal entails, and Balpa has not yet responded to a request regarding the contents of the letter submitted to Cruz. However, Balpa said in a statement yesterday that the new proposal “shows pilots are willing to be flexible but still stand united in getting a better deal.”

According to a statement last month from BA, Balpa gave notice for strikes on Sept. 9, 10 and 27, in what would be the first-ever pilot strike for the airline. BA said its proposal to increase pilot pay by 11.5% over three years “is very fair and well above the U.K.’s current rate of inflation,” but pilots are unsatisfied with the offer, leading 93% of Balpa members to vote in favor of striking.

A spokesperson for British Airways said today, “We remain ready and willing to return to talks with Balpa.” Whether a resolution will be reached ahead of the strikes planned for early next week remains to be seen.

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