Boeing shows off its own heavy-lift Mars rocket [VIDEO]

Last month, when Elon Musk launched the Falcon Heavy rocket, carrying his own Tesla roadster, it was a great moment for not just space exploration, but also for private enterprise and the advancement of the cargo industry. The spotlight was all on Musk and his amazing vision — but the spotlight is not his forever.

Not to be outdone, Boeing released a new video this week showcasing the upcoming Space Launch System (SLS) it is developing with NASA outside New Orleans. Once completed, the SLS will be “the most powerful rocket ever built,” able to launch large payloads farther into the solar system and faster than ever before possible, Boeing said. The aerospace company is the prime contractor for the design, development, test and production of the launch vehicle’s cryogenic stages, as well as development of the avionics suite.

For an end-of-the-week Friday treat, check out this video showing some of the capabilities of this amazing machine, expected to be operational possibly as early as late 2019 to prepare for a future manned Mars mission.

One note of caution: An early description of SLS from Boeing said it was capable of lifting payloads that weigh the equivalent of 22 adult elephants. Don’t give Elon any more crazy ideas! The car in space was enough.

Have a great weekend eveyone!


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