Brussels Airlines Cargo looks to translate CEIV-Pharma certification into more cargo

Brussels Airlines Cargo is the latest cargo carrier to earn IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators for Pharmaceuticals Logistics (CEIV-Pharma) certification, announcing today that it had finally wrapped up the months-long process of certification.

The carrier operates out of Brussels Airport, which was one of the first European airports to establish itself as a gateway to the pharmaceuticals market, and is the first and largest airport community to be CEIV-certified, since the program began in 2014.

Brussels Airlines’ pharmaceutical transport activities grew by 56 percent last year, and now make up 10 percent of the airline’s cargo activities. With the CEIV certificate, the airline said it hopes to further expand its pharma activities in the future.

“The CEIV certification is about implementing the right processes and creating a culture of continuous awareness in order to raise the quality level of our services on a daily basis,” said Reinout Puissant, cargo business development and interline manager at Brussels Airlines. “During this journey, and through local and international cross-industry collaboration [such as Pharma.Aero], Brussels Airlines Cargo is engaged in an open dialogue with pharma shippers and forwarders. The most important element is to increase the end-to-end transparency for all stakeholders.”

Brussels Airlines is owned by Lufthansa, however Brussels Airlines’ cargo capacity is commercialized by the carrier’s cargo department.

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