Canadian hyperloop startup adds IKOS consulting to project

TransPod, a startup with plans to build high-speed hyperloop connectivity between major Canadian cities, announced a partnership with IKOS, a technology consulting firm that specializes in railway engineering and energy infrastructure. IKOS will help design and engineer the hyperloop’s electrical system, and provide safety engineering for the TransPod hyperloop pod.

While hyperloop technology could revolutionize freight and travel, the technology is incipient, and still presents significant risks. On the travel side, any rupture in the Hyperloop capsule would expose the passengers to hard vacuum, causing instant death. On the freight side, the technology as it exists is still vulnerable to tampering and external elements. The smallest rupture anywhere along the hundreds of miles of tubing would knock out the whole system.

That’s in part why IKOS is joining TransPod’s network of partners to build a commercially viable hyperloop system. IKOS’ team will focus on “the design and development of new technology for energy-efficient power supply generation.”

“TransPod recently secured $15 million USD seed funding, and we’re pushing harder than ever on global growth, innovation, and invention,” said Sebastien Gendron, TransPod’s founder and CEO. “With the addition of IKOS’ extensive experience, we’re uniquely positioned to accelerate the development of industry-leading hyperloop technologies.”

TransPod presented a full concept of its hyperloop pod in September 2016. The company has been focused on developing and proving proprietary designs that alleviate “both immediate and long-term issues inherent in technology proposed to date.”

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