Cargo couture: selecting tailored, wearable tech for your collection

Curating to remain relevant in future seasons

Ultimately, although wearable tech has come a long way and provides real benefits to users, it would behoove companies curious about the technology to consider the bottom line of adding the trend to their closet.

“Companies need to determine how much [wearable tech products] they really need, which will determine how many devices they get, which ultimately drives their ROI,” Stikes said.

In some cases, even when companies have found the product to be useful in certain places, they have chosen not to leverage the equipment in other operations across their broader company. DHL, for example, said it has not completely employed use of vision-picking across all its operations yet, some of which use older technology, due to this fact.

“At the next opportunity the numbers crunch right we will roll out the new technology, but ultimately the timing of this comes down to return on investment and making sure the business case is there,” Kumar said.

In spite of all this number crunching, the tech is there and the increasing flexibility of the products for companies to tailor-fit to their operations suggests great promise in the rollout of these pieces across air cargo and logistic industries’ future operations.

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