DHL adding e-commerce operation to existing Aussie facility

The increase in e-commerce exports from Australia has prompted DHL to add an e-commerce-specific distribution center to its already-existing 16,700-square-meter Melbourne cargo facility, operated by DHL’s Global Forwarding division. The co-located operation are situated in the Melbourne suburb of Tullamarine.

The new addition, operated by DHL’s eCommerce division, will mostly handle exports up to 2 kilograms shipped to more than 220 countries, and up to 20 kilograms to major worldwide markets, such as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

With the new operation, Australian companies “have an excellent opportunity to grow export markets, with e-commerce continuing to grow as a strong channel,” said Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce. “DHL is investing in our presence in Australia to ensure we are well-positioned to support businesses to capture cross-border e-commerce.”

According to Denise McGrouther, managing director of DHL eCommerce Australia, about 78 percent of Australian exporters are currently receiving online orders. “Besides selling directly to consumers, cross-border e-commerce will also be supported by e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, which provide specialized services that enable online selling,” she said.

Aussie businesses, McGrouther added, are increasingly becoming “drop shippers” that can use DHL’s pay-per-use, scalable fulfillment services at its large network of warehouses to store inventory in close proximity to their end consumers.

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