UPS dismisses threat of mechanics’ strike

UPS has called the threat of a strike by the union representing its aircraft mechanics a “union tactic designed to pressure talks,” according to Mike Mangeot, UPS Airlines strategic communications director, in response to yesterday’s coverage of the ongoing labor negotiations.

“UPS continues to negotiate in good faith for an agreement that’s good for them, the company and our stakeholders,” said Mangeot. “We remain confident that these talks will produce a mutually beneficial agreement, just as in all previous mechanic negotiations.”

Teamsters Local 2727 had sent a letter to UPS CEO David Abney arguing for better terms, while the union’s president, Tim Boyle, threatened to move forward with plans to strike.

While Boyle alleged that pay increases proposed by UPS were “minimal,” and undercut member’s earning power, the Atlanta-based integrator said negotiations were still ongoing. The company also countered that their mechanics were some of the best-compensated in the business, earning as much as $105,000 per year.

A major point of contention for the Teamsters remains healthcare, however Mangeot said that benefits were still under negotiation, and that, “the specifics of negotiations are best left at the bargaining table.”

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