CEVA expands in Spain with new multi-user warehouse

Supply chain management company CEVA Logistics opened its third multi-user warehouse, in Alovera, Spain, northeast of Madrid. So far, one customer is already operating from the new site, CEVA said today.

The warehouse is located near two major motorways in the area and includes 400 square meters of office facilities and nearly 16.000 square meters of warehouse space. The multi-user functionality of the warehouse offers increased flexibility for customers and access to CEVA staff. Other multi-user centers in Spain include CEVA’s operations at Subirats in Catalonia, and in the Ontigola area south of Madrid.

CEVA is targeting growth across Iberia with the addition of the warehouse as part of a larger plan to grow its operations north of Madrid, where the company had no prior presence. The company’s managing director in Iberia, Marco Galbusera, said the expansion of its multi-user warehouse system into the area north of Madrid was “the key” to increasing its competitive advantage in the area, due to the warehouse’s “strategic geographic position.”

“This new site highlights our commitment to the Spanish market and we expect to continue the expansion over the coming years,” Galbusera added.

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