CFS 2018: Latin American air freight trends continue to evolve [VIDEOS]

The region of Latin America is catching the industry’s eye this year, with higher air freight volumes indicating increased demand for imports and exports in Central and South American countries, after years of lagging growth. This year at Cargo Facts Symposium, our deputy editor Caryn Livingston lead a panel on emerging trends in Latin American imports and exports, asking three leaders in Latin American air cargo what could be driving increased demand for airfreight in and out of the region.

Watch Andrés Bianchi and Jaime Alvarez Price each explain from a carrier perspective networks are evolving as Latin American economies expand:

From left to right: Caryn Livingston, deputy editor of Air Cargo World and Cargo Facts; Jaime Alvarez Price, senior director COPA Airlines Cargo & Courier; Andrés Bianchi, chief executive officer, LATAM Cargo; and Marcelo Penna, US cargo country manager, Azul Cargo Express.

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