CharterSync’s first trading week totals 16 completed charters 

Yesterday, London-based startup CharterSync announced its success in completing 16 time-critical air charters over the course of its first week of trading, following its launch at Air Cargo Europe Munich last month. The platform, which is intended to add transparency to cost while finding suitable charter options for customers, generates time-critical air charter options with quotes for freight forwarders. 

CharterSync reported that it confirmed time-critical bookings on a range of aircraft from the smaller Cessna to Antonov-12 carrying 18 tonnes of freight in its first trading week. The company also onboarded 15 time-critical air cargo operators over the week, and said it is continuing to grow its operations. 

According to CharterSync, most of the requests it receives that are defined as time-critical are those that need to be sent immediatelyIn some of those cases, typical routing by road, sea and rail is not quick enough for a given shipment, making dedicated charters the only option. The system can also handle a wide variety of cargo specifications, from a standard pallet, crate, skid, carry-on-box, dangerous goods, through to a more bespoke container.  

A key aspect of the tech is that CharterSync’s platform also enables freight forwarders to find charter options based on data specifications input related to more complex orders. The platform’s technology has been designed to calculate which aircraft types will be suitable for specific cargo dimensions and payload. For example, specific restrictions such as the door size of the aircraft hold door, whether the cargo can be stacked, are all taken into account through the platform once the request has been submitted.   

“When dealing with the smaller aircraft types that are loaded loosely – as opposed to palletized – the shipping process can be more complex, which is the main reason why our platform is so revolutionary,” CharterSync told Air Cargo World. 

CharterSync also ensures that the aircraft can meet the deadline set by the forwarder, which is calculated along with the other specifications requested through real-time tracking of aircraft, and the specific performance of the aircraft. 

Currently, the patent-pending platform is accessible via desktop and via Android and Apple mobile systems. 

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