China Airlines signs deal for CSafe pharma containers

China Airlines signed a master lease agreement with CSafe Global, under which China Airlines will offer transport and leasing of CSafe’s RKN active temperature-controlled container on its flights.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, China Airlines’ network included 144 destinations in 29 countries.

The Taiwanese airline has been expanding its pharmaceutical shipment offerings lately. In September 2017, it partnered with German container manufacturer DoKaSch Temperature Solutions in an agreement that allows the carrier’s customers to lease the active Opticooler ULD for pharma shipments.

CSafe’s RKN active-cooling containers allow for shipping of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products in a maintained-temperature environment, in ambient temperatures ranging from -30◦C to +49◦C. The use of active containers cuts down on the need for secondary packaging necessary when shipping with dry ice or other passive cooling technology.

According to CSafe, its RKN container is the only compressor-driven air cargo container of its kind approved for transport on either the main deck or in the belly of a passenger aircraft.

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