Chinese drones deliver KFC, Subway [VIDEO]

Screenshot of Songba Airfreight mini program for takeout delivery.

Consumers can rejoice! 

With viral food crazes, like fried chicken, causing stores sold out of the product to face backlash from customers, drones may offer a viable solution to getting customers their cravings. 

Chinese carrier Songba Airfreight is now offering a service utilizing drones developed by Chinese drone start-up Antwork to deliver takeout orders from restaurants, including Subway or KFC, to customers in Hangzhou. Customers need only log into their account on WeChat – a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app – to access a mini program that will allow them to place the takeout food order, supported by the carrier. 

The carrier released a video, shown here, of the fast food employee placing an order in a container for shipment that is then taken by the drone to be delivered to its end point customer. While further details on the handover process to the customer are forthcoming, this is undoubtedly good news as chicken-crazed consumers prepare for future Friday evenings. 

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