Copenhagen Airport to start work on new cargo center

The new air cargo center will be situated in the eastern part of the airport, marked with red on the map.

Following recent freighter traffic increases and pharmaceutical facility expansions at Copenhagen Airport (CPH), German developer AXXUS Capital agreed to develop a new 20,000-square-meter cargo center in the eastern part of the Danish airport.

The new cargo center is expected to be completed within two years and is being developed in vacant space in CPH’s current cargo area, for an estimated US$48 million.

The investment in cargo development is part of CPH’s strategy to attract more long-haul routes to the airport, according to the airport’s chief commercial officer, Peter Krogsgaard, who sees potential in growing revenue from belly cargo on intercontinental routes. Up to 10 percent of revenue on those routes is from belly cargo, which currently accounts for 40 percent of total tonnage at CPH, and is up 7 percent so far this year, compared with the same time in 2016.

Regarding its investment in the cargo center, AXXUS Capital said there is “huge potential” for increasing volumes to and from China and other world markets.

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