Crane Worldwide opens office in Mozambique

  • June 17, 2013
Crane Worldwide Logistics opened a new office in Pemba, Mozambique.

Tremendous deposits of natural gas have been discovered in the country, positioning Mozambique as a major player in this sector over the next decade.

Companies are struggling with logistical challenges in the area due to a limited road network, minimal freight services and lack of local production or building materials.

Crane Worldwide, which has expertise in the oil and gas sector, will offer supply chain services with its new office.

“It is extremely important to understand that Mozambique is a very young country in its present form,” Scott Taylor, operations manager at Crane Worldwide in Pemba, said. “The day-to-day operation of conducting business in this developing country are challenging, and it is important for any company or individual wanting to work here to understand those challenges and temper their expectations to that. This is not Singapore, Rotterdam or Los Angeles, yet times are changing in Mozambique and slowly improving.”

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