Delaware Air Force cargo plan moves to next phase


Plans for an expansion of the existing civil air terminal at Dover Air Force Base (DAFB) have moved to the next phase, as proposals will soon be solicited from private sector organizations.

This will be done through issuing of a formal request for proposals (RFP).

The State of Delaware, through the Delaware Economic Development Office, and in cooperation with the Delaware Department of Transportation, Kent County Levy Court and DAFB, is seeking turnkey proposals for expanding the ramp area and load bearing capacity.

The air cargo ramp expansion project will accommodate parking for civilian cargo carriers that serve DAFB; the parking needs of the occasional civilian charter aircraft; and aircraft for NASCAR for two race weekends (eight total days) annually. The project would ideally provide parking space for up to four B747s or equivalent size cargo aircraft simultaneously.

The state intends to enter into a long-term lease/development agreement with an organization or consortium of organizations with the capability of designing, constructing, financing, operating and maintaining the expanded facility at no cost to the State of Delaware and DAFB.

The expanded facility would have additional capabilities when it is not being fully utilized for Air Force operations. Using the base’s runway and navigation systems, the facility could potentially be used for other aviation-related activities such as an aircraft maintenance facility or cargo facility.   

“The Dover Air Force Base is an important economic engine for Delaware and Kent County, one that provides good jobs that pay well,” said Alan Levin, director of the Delaware Economic Development Office. “Enhancing the cargo ramp will bring more business to the aviation industry, and in turn create more jobs.”

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