Demand flattens, yields soar in March… or do they?

March is usually a good time for reckoning in the air cargo industry. Any lopsided demand figures from the Chinese Lunar New Year surge are generally smoothed out by the third month of the year, and post-holiday inventory restocking generally begins to ebb as spring arrives. The March results from the major data analysis organizations, such as IATA and WorldACD, often start to give us a clearer picture of what may lie ahead for the industry.

But, according to the latest interpretation by David Harris, editor of our sister publication, Cargo Facts, the lackluster results from IATA (only a 1.7 percent rise in global demand) and the optimistic yield data from WorldACD (a 16.3 percent rise, in U.S. dollars) for March are neither as gloomy – nor as rosy – as these indicators may lead one to believe. Check out Harris’ reasoning below:

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