DHL Express launches Latin America–U.S. cold-chain pipeline

A DHL Express 777-F

DHL Express has launched a service for healthcare industry shippers operating along the Latin America- U.S. trade lane called “DHL Medical Express Service” or “WMX,” which it describes as “a new market alternative to the commercial carriers that have historically served the region,” with the goal of addressing delays at Brazilian airports.

The offering will accommodate different temperature requirements – frozen, chilled or ambient – for medical cargo, such as laboratory kits, medical devices, biological samples, vaccines and drugs – between “several major cities in Brazil to most U.S. destinations.” DHL Express said WMX shipments will be completed within a period of 24 to 48 hours along all of its offered routes.

WMX also incorporates digital communications to help shrink lead times. Customers can book temperature-controlled packaging via an online interface – a task which is often left to forwarders to arrange for shippers.

“Our technology solution pre-prepares many of the necessary documents required by investigator sites to complete, while enabling DHL to begin the export and fiscal approval process the ‘day-of’ booking to mitigate delays,” said Brian Bralynski, director of life sciences healthcare Americas for DHL Express.

“The launch of this service in Brazil completes our ambition to offer logistics solutions in the Latin and South American countries where most clinical trials are conducted,” added Mike Parra, CEO of DHL Express Americas.

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