DHL, Komatsu sign import agreement for shipments into Australia, New Zealand 

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Japanese construction and mining equipment manufacturer Komatsu has signed a new multi-year agreement with DHL Express and DHL Global Forwarding, in which DHL will import Komatsu’s goods into Australia and New Zealand. The companies anticipate more than a million kilograms of products will be shipped annually into the countries as a result of the agreement. 

Under the agreement, the two arms of Deutsche Post DHL Group will work closely with Komatsu’s foreign officers and suppliers to provide end-to-end airfreight imports for Komatsu machinery, equipment and spare parts, primarily from the U.S. and Japan, to Komatsu’s three distribution centers in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. DHL will also manage the entire customs brokerage process for these shipments. 

“Annually, we transact in excess of 1.5 million stock keeping units (SKU) line sales in Australia. Often, exceptional customer service comes down to having products and parts precisely available when our customers need them,” said Komatsu Australia CEO and Managing Director Sean Taylor. “Logistics is a key component of our ability to deliver a first-rate customer experience ensuring that our supply chain is fully optimized.” 

The companies did not state the exact duration of the multi-year agreement but note that DHL Express has supported Komatsu’s shipments with its international express service for more than a decade. 

The announcement follows Komatsu’s new efforts to tap into the recent boom in Australia’s resources and non-residential construction industries, according to the companies. 

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